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THIS WEEK IN HORIZON (April 18 – 2, 2016)
Kevin C. Garinger – Director of Education
As I contemplate the direction we are going in Horizon, I often use the analogy of driving in a car. We look to the future of where we’re going through the large windshield that stretches before us and we peer in anticipation for the destination of where we hope to end up. However, we rarely do so without taking regular looks in the rearview mirror. The rearview mirror is much smaller than the expanse of the glass but our regular glimpses in it help us to recall where we’ve been. In so many ways, we are able to lay the course for our future by ensuring we examine the learnings, both the positive and negative, that have brought us to our current place. As we forge forward, we need to do so with a purpose of not forgetting the path that we have travelled that shows us how we have gotten to where we are. This theme has been in my thoughts as we continue to ensure the mission and vision of our Board is sustained in the most effective way possible.


Division News
  • Cultural Day at LES
    Lanigan Elementary School celebrated Cultural Day Wednesday, April 27, 2016. LES Culture Day was organized with one major goal in mind; to create a mindset for the student body that learns from each other and creates a community together. The day was a Full Story...
  • Winston High School News
    Interpret the Past, Forge the Future To understand something that happened quite some years ago, takes an open mind, a lot of background information and time. The Horizon School Division and other enthusiasts of knowledge put on a Holocaust symposium at Full Story...
  • LeRoy School Welcomes Warm Weather
    LeRoy is welcoming this beautiful warm weather with some spring upgrades. After the break and long weekend LeRoy School Students were welcomed back in to lowered, non-leaking roofs and a newly painted hallway! Everyone was super excited to see how great Full Story...
  • Drake School News
    Pink Day at Drake! During last week, it was pink day for Drake. Everyone was dressed in the colour, and it was just a normal day. We had our assembly which had loads of announcements. We were shown what bullying looked like, and what caused this day to Full Story...
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